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Date: 13 May 2015

Link to Click on each statement to see a compilation of quotations from medical publications and experts documenting it:

The eleven points below summarize the substantial medical and scientific evidence that unborn children can feel pain by 20 weeks after fertilization.

Click on each statement to see a compilation of quotations...Read More

Date: 29 April 2015

New Paper Warns Against Expansion of Physician-Assisted Suicide in the U.S.

Wesley J. Smith: Legalizing Assisted Suicide is Bad Medicine, Worse Public Policy ...Read More

Date: 29 April 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Of the three categories of posts on National Right to Life News Today that receive the most response, two are especially adroit at combining appeals to the head and to the heart. By that I mean prenatal development videos and music videos, such as John Elefante’s wonderful pro-life, pro-adoption...Read More

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